Anti-Oxidant Vit. C Drops

A treatment concentrated in vitamin C and tocotrienol with highly energizing and repairing properties that effectively fights premature cutaneous ageing and the skin’s loss of tonus. Its strong smoothing effect diminishes fine lines and cutaneous imperfections, leaving the skin incredibly smooth and velvety. The lightening effect of the vitamin C illuminates the complexion.

Pearly White Perfection Serum

To preserve the purity and glow of the complexion, it is essential to incorporate targeted treatments in the daily beauty care routine. Suitable for all skin types, this serum associates a complex of botanical ingredients that possess lightening virtues with structuring and energizing vitamins and proteins to obtain an exceptional poly-active treatment. Its active ingredients ensure an optimal moisturizing of the top cutaneous layers, reorganise the structure of the epidermis and smooth the micro-relief, as well as unifying and illuminating the complexion.

Up-Lift Firming Golden Serum

This treatment is an excellent cutaneous tensor with a combined action that gives the face a smooth appearance and a silky glow, awakens the complexion and gives it a new luminosity. It erases marks of tiredness and stress and also imparts a relaxed look while leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort on the skin. Actives selected for their energizing and vitalizing virtues help to fight against cutaneous slackening and loss of suppleness. An ideal treatment that gives a glowing complexion for an important meeting or evening out.

24H Skin Repairing Serum

This unique, repairing and beautifying treatment answers the needs of sensitive and reactive skins, giving them an unmatched and immediate softness. As soon as its applied, it eliminates rough spots, diminishes fine lines and redness and bestows cutaneous comfort. Its actives rebalance the skin by optimizing the moisture content of the top layers and help to rebuild the hydro-lipidic barrier, favour cell renewal, preserve from harm due to the environment, re-pulp the skin to visibly smooth existing fine lines and prevent the development of new ones. The skin naturally recovers its balance. The complexion is unified and the skin is resplendently healthy.

Silky Dew - Moisture Supplement

Light and silky like the morning dew, this essential treatment intensifies the moisturizing in the top layers of the epidermis by capturing the water and fixing it in the epithelial layers thanks to the synergetic action of precious specific agents. Enriched with sun filters and an anti-age, anti-radical, softening and firming cocktail, it prevents the appearance of the signs of cutaneous ageing by preserving its youth capital. For all skin types, particularly the devitalised and dehydrated ones. *of the superficial layers of the skin

Eye Contour Lift Serum

An essential serum to preserve the youth of the eyes, thanks to the benefits it bestows on the delicate eye contour area. With its regenerating, moisturizing and structuring substances, it actively takes part in the prevention of skin ageing, dehydration, loss of suppleness and of cutaneous elasticity. It tones the epidermis, refines the micro-relief and smoothes fine lines, giving the skin transparency and radiance.

Intensive Hand Treatment

With its light texture rapidly assimilated by the skin, this treatment is rich in substances that preserve the beauty of the hands, prevent dehydration, increase cutaneous suppleness and elasticity, and repair the harm due to constant daily aggressions. Selected plant extracts favour the lightening of the epidermis, tone down cutaneous marks and prevent the development of new ones. The skin becomes softer and suppler. A regular application of the treatment is important to slow down the signs of time which appear more readily on the hands.