Vital-Refining Exfoliator

Essential exfoliating care that smoothes and deep cleanses all skin types. Formulated with particles that gently exfoliate the skin’s surface without irritating it, Vital Refining Exfoliator removes impurities and dead skin cells. It stimulates the cell renewal process and tissue oxygenation. Skin texture is refined. Skin is soft, smooth and radiant.

Clarifying Hydro-Mask

Mask for all skin types, specially recommended for dull skin with imperfections. Formulated with purifying, hydrating* and clarifying extracts, Clarifying Hydro-Mask stimulates the skin's natural functions by removing impurities. The skin regains its natural glow. Its texture is refined. Imperfections are blurred.
*Outer layers of the epidermis

Moisture Renewing Mask

This mask for all skin types, formulated with moisturizing* and restructuring ingredients, improves the level of hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis. It helps fight against premature skin aging caused by environmental aggressions. The skin is moisturized*, supple and regains its natural glow.
*Outer layers of the epidermis

Nutri-Regeneration Mask

This mask for all skin types nourishes and regenerates to effectively combat the visible signs of aging. Composed of powerful oxygenating and moisturizing* ingredients, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and firms the skin. Skin is nourished and smoothed.
*Outer layers of the epidermis

Double-White Beautifying Mask

This brightening mask for all skin types, rich in plant extracts with clarifying and moisturizing properties, minimizes dark spots and prevents their formation. Skin is luminous and hydrated*. The complexion is even-toned.
*Outer layers of the epidermis.

Golden Caviar
Collagen Eye Mask Treatment

This eye contour mask combines the moisturizing* and energizing properties of Caviar with the structural and redensifying properties of collagen. It regenerates and tones the skin tissue, while effectively improving skin firmness. The eye contour is visibly rejuvenated.
*Outer layers of the epidermis.